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Experimental 2 seater <500kg MTOM

Hi all,
do you know of an experimental (ECAC homebuilt category, not “UL”!) plane with two seats and less than 500kg MTOM?
Just curious if I am missing anything in my internet searching.

always learning
LO__, Austria

Thank you!

There’s gotta be a few more. The rare „ARV“ is one.

always learning
LO__, Austria

unusual question. i’d think you’d want rather a higher mtow than a low one.

Gazaile2 exists both in aircraft and ul version. The aircraft version appears to be mtow = 500 kg. Does that count or does it have to be 499 kg or less ?
I assume some older designs may have lower mtow, eg pietenpol and varieze both seem to be below 500 kg.
rv3 appears to be also <500 kg (1100lbs → 499 kg) ?

so i think if you look around there must be many more.

EBTN, EBST, Belgium

i’d think you’d want rather a higher mtow than a low one.

I believe the interest in low MTOW is driven by avoiding irrational costs for rented hangar space that are billed based on aircraft weight, versus aircraft size.

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Looking through my files, here we go (CNRA/homebuilt no ULM nor CNSK):

- PietenPol Air Camper (MTOM 490 kg)
- D18 (460 kg)
- D5 Turbi (500 kg)
- Fisher Classic (385 kg)
- Fisher Horizon (476 kg)
- Gazaile 2 (470 kg)
- HM 360 (350 kg)
- JPM-01 Médoc (496 kg)
- Kiebitz (450 kg)
- Rand Robinson KR2 (500 kg)
- MB04 Souris Bulle (500 kg)
- MC100 Ban Bi (450 kg)
- NL-01 Chouchenn (498 kg)
- Pottier P170S (450 kg)
- Pataplume 2 (450 kg)
- Sonex B (499 kg)

I cannot guarantee that this list is complete though…!

Happy shopping.

LSGY, LFSP, LFHM, Switzerland

That list is awesome… (but I wouldn’t personally recommend a KR2 )

@Snoopy, instead of us doing all the work for you, why don’t you download the Catalogue des Aéronefs à construire 2020/2021
or the similar yearly publication by the US Kitplanes magazine, and do the listing for us

If all this doesn’t help, you could of course design and built your own < 500kg homebuilt…

Ok, I’ll give you one: MB-1 Colibri, designed by the Swiss legend Max Brügger (330 kg).

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

Thank you Dan! Downloaded.

always learning
LO__, Austria

Snoopy wrote:

plane with two seats and less than 500kg MTOM?

Why less than 500 kg MTOM?

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