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EU Insurance recommendations for homebuilt aircraft

I’m looking for some suggestions on where to get insurance for a home built (experimental) aircraft in the EU area. Most insurance companies seem to be in UK, but I’ve been told that due to Brexit they can no longer provide coverage. My aircraft will be based in Portugal.
I searched these forums, but couldn’t find a single unified thread with insurance information. Just a few scattered mentions here and there. Hoping someone can provide a list, or people can list whom they have insured with.

Thank you.

KHEF, United States

Visicover seems to be popular among experimental aircraft in Norway. We have insured a Savannha with Visicover. I have no experience with any other company.

The elephant is the circulation

A UK broker with a good reputation, Hayward, now Gallagher, has set up a company in the UK to continue to serve its EU clients.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

aart wrote:

has set up a company in the UK to continue to serve its EU clients.

The linked article seems to just be a rebranding of an existing UK company, and a broker can be anywhere. The actual insurance company is something different.

My insurance broker (in Switzerland) told me that a company providing aviation insurance in the EU needs to have an office in the EU. He said that with Brexit a number of UK insurers without EU offices needed to decide to either drop the EU from their portfolio or set up an EU office just for the purpose.

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LSZK, Switzerland

My mistake, should have written EU instead of UK. Their outfit is in Sweden IIRC

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

This French company provide insurance for homebuilt aircraft with a special arrangement though the LAA in the UK:

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

My Hayward insurance for a UK LAA Permit aircraft based in the UK, renewed May 2022 is with a Munich Re subsidiary.

EGPE, United Kingdom

I can highly recommend the LAA insurance scheme with air-assurances. They are very flexible on cover, competitive on rate and their service is excellent. It might well be worth joining the LAA for.

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