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Archon Aircraft

I remember reading about this aircraft several years ago. It’s from Greece, and apparently they were having problems with production, and/or the cost of production. It’s now being re-engineered and produced in Canada as a fully modern kit (3D cad drawings, CNC, prepunched etc). It can do +6, -3 g and thus can fly some aerobatics (rather uninteresting if it couldn’t). Looks cool


It looks incredibly ugly. Plus it looks like prototype of some contraption from early 1920 developed by aviation pioneers and enthusiasts.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder The new manufacturer, Fisher Flying Products, also mention installing one of those new turbojets in the aircraft. This will of course put it to another level. IMO, the propeller makes it cool, some kind of quasi ducted fan. It would be cool with a jet engine also of course It looks to be a very simple conversion.


It looks like most of the sheet metal is flat (except for the wing, of course) which must simplify the build. Also, clearly the designis intended to look like a stealth fighter.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I’d prefer the Facetmobile –

Andreas IOM

Total crap! Will never be a success.


Tigerflyer wrote:

Total crap! Will never be a success.

It already is a success for the original designer(s). It was going down hill due to problems with manufacturing, lack of sales reps, lack of world wide distribution, difficult kit and all kinds of things. Now it’s all being produced in Canada/USA as a top modern high quality kit, professional distribution world wide. It will never compete with an RV-7, but it will definitely sell.


I think most people like aircraft with round shapes, and they fly better too. This ‘stealth’ gimmick may be fun for some, but not many I think. And the poor pilot cannot even take a Weapons Operator/Navigator with him!

Makes me think of another stealthy looking one I saw at Aero. Has anyone seen one flying yet?

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

aart wrote:

This ‘stealth’ gimmick may be fun for some, but not many I think.

If it could have real primary radar stealth capability, (which I understand is mainly about avoiding 90 degree angles) it might become VERY popular in the UK, given their attitude to infringement enforcement!

EIWT Weston, Ireland

I walked by this several times at Oshkosh this year, thinking initially that it was a joke or game for kids. These kinds of things come and go, but having more designs and more choices is better than the converse.

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