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New Piper Trainer

I saw that Piper is teasing a new trainer and will be making an announcement about it at the beginning of April.

My guess is that will be a PA28 with a few incremental improvements.

- Aerodynamic improvements and general cleaning up of the airframe. Maybe a new cowling, wingtips, etc.
- New avionics, likely including an integrated Garmin digital autopilot which I believe the Archer already has. (Not sure if G1000NXI, G3X Touch…)
- a basic interior to meet a lower price point

There’s already a wide range of engine options with the current model.

The PA28 is insanely popular with schools and seems to still be a good seller for them (look at the GAMA figures). Makes total sense that they’d want to keep it competitive.

Any thoughts?

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Perhaps finally two doors?

I would be looking for FADEC engine managment , the fuel saving over the life of the engine would more than pay for it.

I would expect a new paint and a new Garmin panel.

No legs but a clean nose. Maybe an Arrow with the turbo cowling, or an Arrow DX.

ESMK, Sweden

Bring back the PA28-140

With a lovely Rotax 915is in it.


I wish that the durability that you see in the Rotax engine was reflected in what I see in the maintenance hanger.

Piper Introduces Pilot 100 and Pilot 100i Trainers

I have to say I can’t think of anything more underwhelming

Bathman wrote:

I have to say I can’t think of anything more underwhelming

Well, it’s for the training market, and there these things probably make sense. That said, it remains to be seen if any of the new electric trainers coming to market make any dent in the traditional a/c sales figures.

A bit disappointed that they made quite a big deal out of this when it still looks like same old archer with new avionics. Can that engine run on low octane fuel?

Sweden, Sweden

Call me a cynic, but they’ve just dusted-off the1980s Piper Cadet and swapped a 180hp Continental in place of a 160hp Lycoming. All performance criteria, including useful load despite the loss of two seats, are exactly the same – strange for a 20hp hike :headscratch:. For the IFR version they’ve managed to knock $75K off the book price of an Archer. If I were in the market for an Archer, I would be trying to understand how a couple of seats and a G1000 warranted a $75K premium.

Underwhelming is an understatement.

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