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Motorcycle helmets and gloves

Learnt to fly.
Got divorced.
Sold the family car.
Found a hot Swedish woman (with a PhD in Engineering)
She bought me a Belstaff jacket
Buying a vintage 1970s Vespa for us, and retrofitting it Electric (see
(Still desire an Alfa 105/115)
Need to do my CBT
Need a helmet and gloves, central London
Must be of vintage nature … brands and suggestions?

EGL*, United Kingdom

Must be of vintage nature

You local pilot shop? That’s all they do

But you will get a better response if you post a pic of this hot Swedish woman with a PhD in engineering (DON’T – I AM ONLY KIDDING – we would get an uproar, with a bunch of people popping up from nowhere)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Must be of vintage nature … brands and suggestions?

Dainese Blackjack gloves, Moto D22 (open face), Blauer HT80 (full face).


Try Urban Rider in Fulham.

Website at

The shop is relocating to larger premises at 49 Kings Road and opening in Spring. Sensible to actually try on helmets and gloves, as the sizing varies between brands.

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EGSX (North Weald), United Kingdom

matthew_gbr wrote:

Found a hot Swedish woman (with a PhD in Engineering)


ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

matthew_gbr wrote:

Found a hot Swedish woman

matthew_gbr wrote:

Need to do my CBT

1 + 1 = 2


Thanks for the suggestions, especially the shop, will visit!

Most CBT training is booked out as they are dealing with backlogs, so is not until May.
Classic Vespa because I’m getting old but those 60s/70s designs are not. We want to zip around the city faster than on cycle (need to go beyond CBT for passengers)
FYI also no MOT or road tax on scooters older than 40 years. No congestion charge or otherwise once converted electric! This kit is cool:

I have three academic qualifications myself, including an Engineering degree. But I think she might be smarter than me …

EGL*, United Kingdom

Just a suggestion for what it may be worth: don’t destroy a Vespa by removing its heart, find something a little less iconic to electrify. Even the name, Vespa (wasp) refers to how it sounds.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 08 Apr 15:45

Will be interesting to see whether it is quicker than cycling.

My commute Streatham to St Pauls is 28 minutes by pedal bike, versus 40 minutes on the motorbike.

EGSX (North Weald), United Kingdom

This may be off on a tangent, but for zipping around a city, you may like to look at an e-bike mountain bike.

If you get one which doesn’t have the power assistance limited to ~20mph, then you can zoom along almost effortlessly at 30mph+. For specific applications like this, or for biking for someone who lives on top of a big hill and who would otherwise not bother at all, they are amazing. You can vary the power assistance to suit your desire to do some “work”. I am not buying one because at 20-25kg they are too heavy to lift over a fence/stile, plus I MTB for fitness/fun and not to get from A to B, and I avoid huge hills.

OTOH, and I have done ~100k miles on motorbikes, a motorbike is a lot safer in traffic because you aren’t riding in the gutter. But you will know this.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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