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Mini trip into Spain

I would think that it is like in Italy. On those super-small fields, there is virtually no traffic. So, keep a good lookout in the immediate vicinity of the airfield, and make a few short attention-getter calls in English. Just make sure you get the name of the airfield spelled correctly and that you have the correct frequency for the airfield.

Yes, my experience in Spain as well. At many of the small fields we’ve been to in Spain there was absolutely no other traffic for hours, so this would not have been a problem. OTOH unless you depart immediately after landing, you’ll need the local language after landing anyway.

One might also want to enquire about runway condition, parking, fuel and transport possibilties. This can be difficult, as the people owning or running these airfields sometimes don’t speak English properly.

This and what I wrote above stopped me from flying into many more interesting places in Italy so far. One day I’ll try 😀

Edit: aart, thanks for the report 🙂

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EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

aart wrote:

But, there is some possibility of a deal for a minimum one month of stationing for a few hundred euros, but this requires a contract, and I don’t know what that involves. If you want I can check, but maybe @antonio knows more?

For parking 1.5-2.7 tons at LESB you have two options:
a) pay the daily extorsion fee of 67 eur in JUL+AUG , or 27 eur other months
b) pay the full month during the first five days of the month (281 eur) , or get a 40% discount on that if you have a long-term contract with the airport. Both options can be arranged with the airport authority but bureaucracy and language barriers do not make it easy…they kind of direct you to their easy option a)

Hangarage is in general not available. It may be possible by prior arrangement with one of the existing tenants, including myself, but that is usually dependant on a temporary vacancy being available. PM me if required, I may be able to help. I can also help with the monthly fee, in exchange for a beer over some airplane stories. The beer is optional, the stories are not.

Beware of restricted LESB operating hours and local radio frequencies.

Last Edited by Antonio at 01 Nov 23:21
LESB, Spain

aart wrote:

If you want I can check, but maybe @antonio knows more

Please don’t check at this point. But, thank you very much for the price list. The landing fees seem very reasonable at Son Bonet, and parking at E22 per day outside of peak summer is fine. We are going to pop into SB in the coming weeks, just to get a quick sense for the airport.

Upper Harford private strip UK, near EGBJ, United Kingdom
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