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Milos LGML

From alexisvc post in other thread

By the way … Have you ever flown to Milos airport? I have a friend living there and maybe I want to fly there this spring. MAybe combine it with a trip to Athens or Crete. How expensive is Megara?

Yes, I have been to Milos LGML
Its a marvelous island.

In Megara LGMG there is no cost issue.
Only cost is – like in all Greek airports – a 12 Euro charge per passenger (non crew) per departure. They call it “airport development fee” practically its the passenger tax that goes everywhere like in the airline tickets etc. !
Megara has no handling, has AVGAS (TUE to SUN)
The daily parking fee* is suspended every year from spring to autumn to “promote” aviation in Greece.

  • for all useful information regarding flying in Greece read meticulously
    For parking fee; para. #23
LGMG Megara, Greece

That means I will fly to Megara AND Milos. And maybe to Crete afterwards (my wife owns an appartment in ????
My friend owns a small hotel on Milos, she’s a german living there (married to a Greek) for 20 years …

Is MEGARA an Aiport of entry, and could I rent a car there to go to Athens? Thanks for the information!

List of designated airports of entry (coded INTL) can be found at AIP Greece
Part 3 – Aerodromes – AD 1.3 INDEX TO AERODROMES / HELIPORTS

I asked them to add this in para 13.
Issue a simple free login ID with your email.

Megara is not.
Most frequent stopover for entry before heading southeast is Kerkira LGKR – and if you don’t need AVGAS – Kefalonia LGKF.

LGMG Megara, Greece

There is no car rental on site at Megara LGMG.
If its for a one time go and come back to Athens then Taxi direct to Athens (~50 Euro) or taxi to local suburban rail to Athens (~10 Euro) are best options.
They call taxi if you ask from CAA office and its there in 10~15’

If its for a longer stay and you need to rent a car then as everywhere just go to the capital and rent one from most convenient location to your stay.

LGMG Megara, Greece

Thank you very much. Too bad that I have to spend a lot of money in Kerkyra, just to prove I’m coming from Germany …

Too bad that I have to spend a lot of money in Kerkyra, just to prove I’m coming from Germany …

I know, its a pain … we all wished it was not this way but bite the bullet.
Its a legislative thing that has no practical gain (since if somebody wants to do something illegal they can/may/shall find ways).

Consider that we are the southeastern border of EU with Asia with lots of islands surrounded (outside the 12 miles) by International Waters even though still being inside/under “national” airspace in all these areas.

Such stuff are what make the state (and EU) “nervous” with anything moving in and out of Greece’s territorial borders be it souls or materials.

Regarding the exit obligation (to again pass via INTL airport) we also we have inland issues with convicted individuals who are not allowed to leave the country (as if they couldn’t leave in other ways).

Its an endless discussion, where we are all actually on the same side, lets not ruin this thread with it

LGMG Megara, Greece

No, don’t worry, I’ll not stay home because of this :-)
Kefalonia must be nice too, at least my wife (Greek speaking Greece expert :-)) says so. So maybe we’ll fly to Kefalonia from Croatia and then to Milos.

Last Edited by Flyer59 at 27 Feb 13:34

So maybe we’ll fly to Kefalonia from Croatia and then to Milos.

Report back when you’ve been there. I’m currently trying to convince my wife to fly to Kefalonia this year

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

Nearly hijacking the thread, don’t forget Skiathos (LGSK) – I’ll be manning the Control Tower mid-April to end of June. Any GA is welcome during that period!

LGMT (Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece), Greece
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