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Trig TX56/TX56A and TX57/TX57A Nav/Com

Finally some competition in the nav/com business


They have been talking about that one since about 2015.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This is sure to be a winner if it lives up to the functionality and reliability of the other trig products.

There is also a fortune to be made if someone can develop an adaptor to make this unit slide into a KX155 rack.

Last Edited by A_and_C at 16 Jul 11:07

At last

I’m sure it will do well but they would have really cleaned up if they brought this onto the market a couple of years ago.


Early 2019!

Thats no good. Thats an age away

Last Edited by Bathman at 16 Jul 16:51

Yes it means it doesn’t exist – just like the posts about it from years ago

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Why cant someone jusr come out with a box ready to be sold ?
TKM is also playing the vaporware game forever…

EDM_, Germany


Some one has……….. Garmin !

There are 8.33 radios but the slide-in replacement for a KX155 has been a hugely obvious low hanging fruit for many years, even before 8.33, yet nobody did it. At the right price (not 5k!) one could have sold some 5 figure number…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am a big Trig fan and use their TY96 radio. This is (a) clear and simple (b) displays a custom name which you can edit in Excel eg “Bristol Approach” and (c) best of all you can leave it in 25 Khz mode and one push of a button puts it in 8.33Khz………..saves hours of turning buttons. It is also (d) better in turbulence than the touch screen kit out there

I am disappointed that they did not go for a double height unit and make it even simpler and the names as well as frequencies could have been retained. Also aesthetically pleasing to keep the same height digits and uniformity across the range

Also disappointed that the TT31 Transponder (which I also own) has such a rubbish interface. Turning a knob to select a squark number is slow and you have to look in at the display each time you select a digit. Trig make the same unit with input buttons for Bendix King so why would you make a better product for a competitor?

Trig almost have the perfect line of products. The Transponder and Nav Com just need the same simplicity as their TY96 radio

United Kingdom
Why did you not take the TT 21 transponder ? It is same form factor like their brilliant radio – or was that your problem ? We love the Trig thinking and great service as well ! Vic
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