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KAP150 yaw damper

I recently started flying on a DA40-180 with G1000 and KAP150
When I use the autopilot in a straight and level flight at cruise altitude I have noticed that the slip/skid indicator shows a slight decentered position of the ball to the right. If I add a little right rudder I get the ball centered.

What could be the cause? Something with the Yaw Damper? Is it normal that I can just ‘add’ rudder while the autopilot is active?

EBKT, Belgium

Sorry for the simple question, but does the plane actually have a yaw damper?
The DA40NG I fly (GFC700) doesn’t

In my experience, yes, you can add rudder. The yaw damper will fight you (push in the other direction), making significant rudder input hard to dose, but it is definitely possible.

My plane has a knob I turn to fine-tune the yaw damper. I slowly turn that knob until the ball is centred.


I would be amazed to see a light GA type with a yaw damper, even though some King autopilots had it as an option. One hears stories about them but most of the owners found it doesn’t actually exist and I haven’t yet seen one for real It was a pricey option – around 10k extra.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Does the DA40 not have a rudder trim?

ESMK, Sweden

The one I fly doesn’t. Leg sometimes starts shaking when reaching FL120

Peter: the DA42 and at least some SR22s have it

On their website I find ‘optional on some aircraft’.
Since the DA40 is not the ultimate top-end aircraft let’s assume it is not installed.
The DA40 also does not have rudder trim.
I should check if there is a trim tab I can adjust at the rudder..

EBKT, Belgium

the DA42 and at least some SR22s have it

Probably not with a KAP150

The YD kit for the King autopilots is described e.g. in the KAP150 Pilot’s Guide and it is a number of pricey bits

A rudder trim is a different thing, and for sure you can use a rudder trim while a normal autopilot (no yaw damper) is engaged.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

DA42 with GFC700 may have yaw damper. DA62 has it.

Last Edited by Emir at 20 Feb 18:48
LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Are you sure it’s a KAP 150?? (never saw a DA40 G1000 with a KAP150) morelikly a KAP 140 ??
As far as I know the KAP 140 it cannot have a yaw damper.

manualy adding rudder seems the best way or let the maintenace organisation adjust the rudder trim tab,

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