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What is the best Traffic Avoidance system for light GA in Europe today ?

Unless I’m missing something, it seems to me that until ADS-B becomes standard throughout the entire GA community, it is not able offer a reliable form of collision avoidance, nor FLARM, not Pilot Aware for similar reasons – ie. if you invest in one system, you are effectively ‘blind’ to another. So where does this leave the GA pilot today, wanting a meaningful and reliable, catch-all, form of collision avoidance? Is the Monroy the only truly viable option?

Thoughts welcome!

Last Edited by jgmusic at 27 Jan 13:10
North Weald, United Kingdom

Unless the WORLD gives and finances a common piece of technology to every aircraft/owner I don’t see how it will ever be possible to have a complete aviodance system. The best that will be achieved is with all the current piecemeal systems – unfortunately.

EGHI, United Kingdom

Understood, so one needs to invest in three systems simultaneously in order to gain any meaningful picture of the sky, or not bother, or rely on a Traffic Service…

North Weald, United Kingdom

The ADS-B Out system is not a collision avoidance system, it is a surveillance system intended as an alternative or supplement to radar so that ATC has a better indciation of where an equipped aircraft is located. ADS-B In may be used as an aid to visual acquisition of traffic. TCAS is a collision avoidance system and a TAS is second best as a traffic advisory system.

Last Edited by NCYankee at 27 Jan 13:48
KUZA, United States

That might be, but I don’t honestly believe this is how the manufacturers of ADS-B and other similar systems expect us to see it.

North Weald, United Kingdom

NCYankee wrote:

The ADS-B Out system is not a collision avoidance system

It can contribute to one if a TAS system can accept ADS-B-in traffic.

EGTK Oxford

Fine, but is that the basis on which most people buy (or indeed are encouraged to buy) ADS-B?

North Weald, United Kingdom

ADS-B out and mode S together provide a good way to make yourself visible – you could be detected by FLARM, PAW, ADS-B in, TAS and ATC. The bigger dilemma is how to see others, because some have no electronic conspicuity of any sort and those that have it use a range of different systems. .

EGMA / Fowlmere

ADS-B for every one would be great for sure :
- high transmit power for airliners
- medium power for GA
- low power for gliders

A very low power version, with an app that only shows conflicting traffic like FLARM does, would maybe make them happy ?

Solution B : a ground FLARM station at the glider field, transmits all the glider’s positons through ADS-B. A kind of FLARM to ADS-B converter.

Last Edited by Jujupilote at 27 Jan 17:06

what’s so bad about the monroy ?

Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany
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