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David Clark DC One-X

I looked for any past thread on this but could not find any (except the Pro-X one)

This is just a heads up on the use of this headset.

I bought two pairs of these headsets just over a year ago.
My use: Noise canceling operation only and the usual ATC interactions (i.e. no bluetooth music etc.)
The two AA alkaline batteries lasted for 36.1 operations hours (derived from aircraft hobbs)

I am very happy with them and I have had 0 issues.
Excellent comfort, good quality materials, nice packing in bag, very light.

LGMG Megara, Greece

They are on ear, correct? How does the noise reduction of on ear compare to over ear headsets?

always learning
LO__, Austria

Yes correct on the ear and length is adjustable.
Noise reduction is superb. I feel the difference when I push the power button. Its excellent.

LGMG Megara, Greece

The Pro-X is on the ear, the One-X is over the ear

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

You are right, I did not know the distinction in the terms.

LGMG Megara, Greece


always learning
LO__, Austria

I have Pro-X and I wouldn’t recommend it. I bought it because I got good deal and read good reviews but unfortunately before actually comparing it with Bose. Comfort-wise it’s OK but Bose is simply superb in overall noise cancelation. I hope that One-X is better.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

petakas wrote:

I am very happy with them and I have had 0 issues.

An update on the One-X headsets since the above statement is not valid anymore !

Some time in the 2nd year of ownership the two pairs of the One-X headsets I have in the aircraft must have been handled a bit rough by tossing them around in the aircraft (not by me! I suspect some specific friend passengers!)

The WEIGHT of the batteries hanging on the cable must be taken in to consideration because it seems the connection to the earpiece is inadequate to handle the weight of the batteries in case of “rough” handling. As you can see below the cables were pulled off in both pairs I have and in the one pair the microphone connection was lost.

Luckily they are under 5 year warranty and I sent them off to David Clark for repair/replacement.

LGMG Megara, Greece

I have two sets of Pro-X (more info on it is in other thread). One has dead electronics and practically is useless (I don’t remember warranty conditions maybe I’ll send it for replacement) while the other is OK and I use it but I would never buy it again and wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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