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Getting Muffler of IO540 welded

I must have flown like this 650nm over water, and over other hostile territory like the Rockies, since this was discovered only a few hours later. Having it welded at Dawley Aviation, Wisconsin. Patching doable, but it also depends how many more weak spots are found. Complete rebuild is $550. The weak spot though is unusual (according to tech at Dawley). They see more heat blisters and bulges, rather than a hole at this location.

United States

No doubt Lucius you know the other names in the welding business e.g. Acorn Welding.

I wonder if you could get an inconel exhaust made? That is what the GT has and it reportedly lasts “for ever”. Mine looks like new at 2000hrs. AFAIK the pre-GT exhaust is the same shape as the GT exhaust and it may even be the same P/N but in any case nobody would spot the difference.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Turn around time 5 days with Dawley Aviation. Clamps inlet had to be done as well. So far, no complains.

Last Edited by Lucius at 13 Jul 04:48
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Peter wrote:

I wonder if you could get an inconel exhaust made?

In this article M. Busch argues that 321 stainless steel has benefits over Inconel. He says: “Inconel has outstanding high-temperature characteristics, but it is much more brittle and harder to work with than 321 stainless, and has a much less desirable failure mode.

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