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Propeller overhaul (merged)

Roder? Ask Michael… That is also the outfit which told me German customers only then they went bust, according to someone here whose engine they had on a warranty job after not many hours.

I highly recommend General Aero Services. They did my prop last winter. Nice people too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

If the AC is FAA registered then the prop shop that does the work must have FAA Repair Station status.

Roder did indeed go into bankruptcy a couple of years ago, but rumor has it that hey are back in business. Not sure if they still have FAA Repair Station status.

The best rates AND FAA Repair Station that I’ve found in Europe is here : WWW.BRINKLEY-PROPELLER.COM

Last Edited by Michael at 26 Nov 14:06

Röder is back in operation and they are one of the larger engine shops. Some customers had delays as part of the insolvency but in the end I don’t think anybody suffered any lasting damages.

Röder have an overall good reputation I would say.

FYI Hartzell in the US also suggested either Hoffmann or Röder.


JK wrote:

Hoffmann or Röder.

They are by far the most expensive AND conservative of any prop shop in the world .


achimha wrote:

Röder have an overall good reputation I would say.

I have a bad experience with Röder that overhauled my starter adapter. They claimed they were waiting for parts forever, but were unable to say when they would get the parts. They were equally unable to provide a tracking number for the parts. When I threatened to get an overhaul exchange instead, the parts miraculously turned up and I received the starter adapter in a matter of days. Draw your own conclusions.

Last Edited by Aviathor at 02 Dec 18:20

Hoffmann or Röder.
They are by far the most expensive AND conservative of any prop shop in the world .

Which of the two?

Most expensive, one can understand that term. Especially in aviation…

Most conservative? The job is supposed to be done IAW the prop MM, no more and no less. The MM doesn’t call for 24ct gold plating on the blades. This doesn’t sound like they (whichever of the two it is) are doing their customers favours. You want a prop done, done right, and done fast.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I ended up on this forum after some frustration (to be euphemistic) with a local (CH) FAA approved shop in Choco-Cheese-Land. Beyond the famous names already mentioned, had anybody new suggestions (for N-reg propeller) not too far from Zurich ?

LSZE, LSZR, LSZH, Switzerland

Not near Zurich but these people are great. Mines has just been done. Full overhaul, with repaint, including freight, to and from, just under £4k. Advice do NOT do the governor.

Delivered on time and to quote. If there was a specific reason to be near Zurich, they are out, but and if current quotes are high, may be worth checking out a freight cost/fuel delivery comparison with them. Good luck

Last Edited by BeechBaby at 17 Dec 11:02
Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

I sent mine to MT propellers in Straubing. Very good service and fast turn around time. They also convinced me with their advise which actually made their profit much smaller but was in my interest.

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland
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