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Does any GA mfg produce individual schematics for each airframe?

Socata just did generic ones, which in most cases don't relate to any specific airframe S/N.

To do any [re]wiring on the aircraft, you have to dig out all the sheets you can find which might be relevant, and start tracing wires to see where they go.

As a result, over the years, the plane ends up having loads of orphaned wires in it, and not all of them dead (might remain connected at one end).

I cannot understand why anybody would do this. Surely it must be easier for the manufacturer to keep a "work pack" for the airframe which they are working on?

I have asked Socata if they have any such packs but never got anything.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Cessna's maintenance manuals contain schematics by serial number. It's organized in building blocks and contains serial number ranges for all differences. Often not easy to decode but usually correct.

However, most airframes are >30 years old so it's more important how well the the avionics upgrades were documented and that is often a problem.

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