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External cameras - performance, mounting and legal issues

I've never ever landed on the line in the middle like that!

wonderful centerline landing! but only recommended when there are no centerline lights - they can hit your nosewheel really hard at times ... growing up with the airlines, the first thousand hours or so there was always an older chap calling " Centerline, Centerline ..."

EDxx, Germany

i like the idea of using the tie down eyes .. however I have not found the correct fixture for that>

the handlebar or seat pole mounts work fine with a bit of padding

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Just tested the GoPro putting it on the overhead of the C172 with a small screw. The results were excellent – GoPro Studio helps a lot, too.

LGMT (Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece), Greece

I once built a platform for a heavy Nikon DSLR to make pictures of the Grob 140 Turboprop Trainer from the outside while doing aerobatics, and I plan to use THAT for my GoPro on the Cirrus. But to tell the truth: you’ve seen one of those movies, you’ve seen them all …

CASA actually banned the use of external cameras (such as GoPros) without an engineer having signed off the installation:


United Kingdom

This is rather funny…

No…this is REALLY funny!!

I guess you have to be an England rugby fan to really get it.

EGKB Biggin Hill London

R O T F L !

achimha wrote:

This is rather funny…


CCO709 wrote:

- Aircraft performance? (Does it have influence? Probably depending on where it is mounted/placed on the aircraft)

It does. It depends where and what and if you are able to notice, but it has. If it hadn’t, there would be no reward in streamlining antennas and developing NACA intakes and such.

Depending on the mount it can have a substantial impact on flight dynamics, behaviour in the stall and possibility in recovery.

CCO709 wrote:
What are the (EASA) rules on attaching non-permanent objects on your airplane when they have zero influence on the aircraft performance

Good luck in proving that.

tomjnx wrote:

Common sense, maybe? You know, I have no POH data for grass runway takeoffs, and no analysis and test program going on, yet I do it all the time. And most shockingly, the authorities are ok with this.

Common Sense, aerodynamics, flight dynamics and private pilot unfortunately don’t mix in too many instances. The private pilot syllabus does not teach what is necessary to estimate impact of a cam mount onto an airframe and even the little that is taught is often forgotten and believed to be irrelevant by many aviators.

tomjnx wrote:

Compared to the performance impact of a wet grass runway, a small camera is harmless…

Your wet grass runway can be estimated by comparing take off data and developed rules of thumb. Any you don’t mount the runway on your wing or empennage and thus it doesn’t impact critical flight dynamic behaviour.

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

mh wrote:

Any you don’t mount the runway on your wing or empennage and thus it doesn’t impact critical flight dynamic behaviour.

A good one… Ever heard about the ground effect? I’d say that does critically impact flight dynamic behaviour in proximity to the ground…

LSZK, Switzerland
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