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GNS 530W - max 31 waypoints

Tired of dialing in flight plans, I got a Garmin flight plan migrator kit. Last month I got my upload of routes working from Rocketroute finally. A few flights did not upload into a valid flight plan in my 530W as there were more than 31 waypoints. I wonder how other users handle long haul flights to overcome this restriction? 2 flight plans?

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

The 31 waypoint limit is documented by Garmin but it's a shame. I also got the migrator kit and use it with RocketRoute. So far I've not had a flight plan as complex as yours but I don't see a good solution. Two flight plans is very inconvenient because you have to plan both in RocketRoute (there is no good way to edit a flight plan created by RocketRoute) and it is very inconvenient to do so (esp. since Eurocontrol will probably not put you on the same route to your destination from the stopover as from the initial).

So... I wouldn't know what to do! Probably the best approach would be for RocketRoute to create two flight plans in case there are more than 31 waypoints.

This is an old problem, with all reasonably long Eurocontrol routings.

My KLN94 has a 20-waypoint limit.

What I do is I load the first 18 or 19. I also load the destination airport, to get the landing fuel on board computation.

Then, when settled enroute, I clear out the ones passed by and enter the remainder.

You could indeed enter two flight plans and switch from one to the other, enroute.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I just had a look at a Garmin FPL filed produced by RocketRoute. It's a human readable XML file so it should be straightforward to edit as Peter suggested -- remove some waypoints close to the destination.

Or make a copy of the file and edit both so that one has all the waypoints from the first half and the other all waypoints from the second and then import both using the flight plan migrator.

I sent a message to Rocketroute, lets see what they come up with. So deleting a few waypoints near destination from the route and have a 2nd plan ready with final waypoints, seems a good idea. I will try it. I know it is documented, but it caught me on uploading. You fly across US with less than 31 waypoints, but Europe is a different kind of fish.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

Hallo Markus,

well, Garmin has listened to you and just released version 5.0 of the firmware for the 430W/530W. Have a look at the announcement:

As usual it's a free upgrade, but you will need new pilot guides. Your dealer will likely charge you for the labor to do the upgrade unless you are a helicopter operator with HTAWS installed, then Garmin would pay for the labor.

If you have the Aspen Connected panel or Voiceflight, do NOT perform this upgrade as it looks like Garmin has made efforts to break the Crossfill interface !!!!

The GNS 400W / 500W Series Main Software version 5.00 adds a number of new capabilities and features. It contains the following changes:

  • Added support for GTN crossfill (i.e. the sharing of user waypoints and transferring the active flight plan from a GTN to a GNS).
  • Added support for Garmin's GDL 88 ADS-B transceiver.
  • Added support for AC 20-165 compliant ADS-B Out operation of the GTX 330 ES transponder when the GNS unit is used as a position source.
  • Added support for Canadian METARs and TAFs (when available in the XM Weather package provided by the GDL 69) in the XM Weather package provided by the GDL 69.
  • Increased the software design assurance level for the Terrain Page maps to level C. Main software version 5.00 meets TSO-C194 for HTAWS.
  • The Procedures page now hides LNAV/VNAV-only approaches that are not authorized for SBAS.
  • Corrected the issue where the text for XM METARs and TAFs was not being displayed for some airports with three-character identifiers. This issue only occurred in situations where a 'K' identifier and a non-'K' identifier are associated with different airports, such as K1A5 and 1A5.
  • Corrected inconsistencies in the reference heading shown on the StormScope map page when ground speed drops below 2 mph.
  • The waypoint field on the RAIM Prediction page has been changed to default to the destination airport.
  • Added a new Configuration page to allow TAWS Airport Criteria to be specified. This option allows an installer to remove from consideration in the TAWS algorithms airports that can't be used by the aircraft.
  • Increased the maximum number of waypoints in a Flight Plan Route from 31 to 100.
  • Added additional checks to the GNS-to-GNS crossfill interface to assure data is provided by a valid source. This change may affect the operation of non-Garmin equipment using this interface.
  • Added support for the ADS-B compliant position outputs for the GDL 88 and the GTX 33ES meeting AC20-165.
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