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DA40-180 instrument panel power connector


I’m am looking for information about what type of connector that fits the DiamondStar DA40-180 instrument panel power connector.

BR, Anders


I have been in electronics for 40+ years but have never seen that one before, but it looks a bit like those made by Hirose of Japan. Are there really just 2 holes in it? Where was the aircraft manufactured?

The other company which makes a lot of aircraft connectors is Positronic. I will ask someone from there if they recognise it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This is the plug end for the socket my flying club has fitted to most of it's A/C.

We power our GPS's of it.

Regret no current medical
Was Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom

There are only two holes in the connector.

The aircraft is an early DA40 from 2001. I do think that it was manufactured in Wiener Neustadt in Austria.

WarleyAir, do you suggest that the plug (female) in your image will match the socket (female) that I show in my picture? Or did I misunderstand something?


Please note that you are not allowed to use that external power supply when airborne...

I have enquired on a US forum and they can't identify it either. Lemo has been suggested, but the best advice is to ask Diamond and see if anybody there remembers it.

It is a really weird connector in the way the two pins are not on the centreline.

If you do a google/images on

lemo 2-pin connector

you see a lot of similar stuff but as I say the off-centreline 2-pin config is really rare.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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