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Cost of installing a used Garmin 430 - EASA land

how long is a piece of string… ?

what is the current status of approvals in Europe to install a used 430 (not W) in an EASA reg aircraft and make it legal for IFR approaches (not LPV)?
is it a minor mod or major mod and do you require a specific STC? Do you still need annunciators to hook it up to an HSI?

I know the GTN series have AML approval and greatly simplify the process and cost of paperwork, especially if you want to fly LPV approaches, but if you are able to source a cheap 430 (yes big if) it is still a very good piece of kit.


I’d say it depends on a lot of things.

If the 430 is stand alone with a crosspointer, if it is interconnected (likely) with AP/HSI/EFIS or others, how difficult is the space in the stack e.t.c.

Used 430’s (non WAAS) reconditioned were offered at the Aero by a reputable shop for € 5000.- The update price to WAAS is currently around $ 3500.

Installation should be a minor mod, I’d expect somewhere between 3000 and 4000 € for the install of a stand alone unit, 4-5k for a highly integrated one.

minor mod should be around 1000€, including documentation.

If you look at a total investment of around € 10 k, you may end up with 8k or 11k depending. I’d recommend getting a quote for your specific airplane.

LSZH, Switzerland

At those levels it makes little sense compared to a GTN unless you get a GNS for half the costs you mentioned. I thought a minor mod fee was 250 euros but I guess the shop will charge extra for the additional paperwork. Just looking at options to upgrade an aircraft to 8.33 and thought of replacing an old but functional panel gps in the process, with an existing GPS antenna etc (non WAAS).


The trick is to find an Avionic shop that has already got the minor mod approval to fit the Garmin in your type of aircraft.

For IFR it is required to be displayed on an indicator and the MSG, WPT & APP annunciation has to be within the normal pilot panel scan, it will also require an altitude input.

Consider carefully the things you want to interconnect with the Garmin before you start this as preparation for equipment that you intend to fit in the future at this point can save big bucks in the future.

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It would require an EASA minor mod for single installation. Dual GNS is considered a major mod nowadays. EASA fee is now 298 Euro.

If it needs annunciators depend on the location of the GNS as mentioned before.

I do think the sugested numbers for installation and minor change are at the high edge. It does depend a lot on interconnections and aircraft type.

If a shop holds allready that approval it might be a benefit. I wouldn’t choice a shop only for that.
Some shops only charge the first customer for the approval and the customers after that for nothing or nearly nothing. I Typically just EASA fee’s to all customers. If I have only one customer, I loose money, if I can use the same approval several times I make some money, to make up for the others. And I think it is more far to my customers, to charge them the same amount.

If you would end up around 11K Euro installed, I would go for the GTN650. You can have that installed in lets say a 172 for somewhere around 13-14K if your other avionics are not 30+ years old. Else you might have to renew more to use the STC. Then you have equipment that is at least 10 years younger, warranty, much more intiuative and ready for the future.


The airfield where I am now based has finally got a GPS approved on both ends. So I’m thinking of removing my panel mount Garmin Area 660 and replacing it with a Garmin GNS 400W.

I know everyone will hark on about no factory support when the units fail but if that happens then I would simply slide in another Garmin unit or if I’m feeling flush slide in an Avidyne IFD 410.

Does anybody know what’s involved with fitting such a unit? Do I have to have a separate annunciator panel? Or is that contained within the CDI?

Paperwork wise. I’m pretty sure there was some blanket STC approval for the GNS 430 series does anyone if that approval covers a GNS 400?

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Bathman wrote:

Do I have to have a separate annunciator panel? Or is that contained within the CDI?

Not if the annunciator on the 430W falls within the FOV. Normally, this should be OK when you mount it in the middle of the panel. GARMIN was clever enough to display the annunciations in the bottom left corner of the screen.

EBST, Belgium

There is an AML STC covering the 430W/530W to approve IFR operation including PRNav and LPV. It covers annunciation installation where the unit is outside primary field of view (old Bonanzas and Barons for example with the angled radio stack).
The STC covers upgrading an installation from non- WAAS to a WASS unit although of course the box upgrade is no longer available from Garmin.
The STC does not cover initial installation of the GNS but today that can be covered by several CS-STAN approvals for VFR and then apply the STC for IFR.
PM me if you want details for accessing the STC.

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

Thank you

Would the STC cover fitting a Garmin 400 or 400W or is it just the 430W?

I might go with a 400 as I can get one of those pretty cheap.

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