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Aircraft tug (merged)

@Geryamadis wrote:


I have never heard that anyone needs a certification for sale of aviation material. Do you have a reference to the regulation which states this?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Hello. I am renting some DA40 which are very complicated to get and out the hangar and I am looking a reasonably priced tug which I would purchase with a friend for our own usage. Do you have any recommendations ?

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium

Now three years old and I’m very happy with it. A friend has one for his Maule and a (somewhat bigger) one for his Spit.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

I’m on the lookout for a used tug for an SR20. Doesn’t need to be Cirrus specific, if it can be adapted?

Any suggestions / recommendations? thanks.

After being scared off by the multiple horror stories about Aero-pac, we’ve been looking round for a tug that will work with our SR20 but which also needs to work with the other aircraft in the same hangar – a TB20.

Can anyone offer opinion based on experience on either of the following please?

Best Tugs
Industar (Towflexx)


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I use TowFlex TF2 and it’s OK for Diamond, Socata, Cirrus, Cessnas, etc.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Posts from Geryamadis and Flyingwidower deleted. It is some sort of weird setup. In fact the 1st one wanted a particular post of his deleted… maybe somebody (Aero-pac?) threatened to sue him?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’d love to have a Best Tugs robot, but just so much money…but it would be fun to build one.

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland

Anyone have experience with this one? Looked good at Aero2024 this year, but would like to get some real world customer feedback, if anyone on the list has one.

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland

If you’ve seen it for real, you probably saw that the build construction is solid. The customer relation quality from the manufacturer is also excellent: I bought one that they customised with ground power output at my request with a very short lead-time, that I got 100% (including initial shipping) refunded with no discussion 2 months after receiving it because the ground clearance was too low. It would not pass the 20mm protruding hangar door guiding rail once loaded. Apparently some EU machinery standard dictates this low clearance for operator safety reason but other manufacturers such as towflexx have a higher clearance. Not the same price range though…

I’m sorry to write that because they really gave a really great care, but in hindsight I was lucky to have this issue. A tug is not the best solution for my needs. The current solution I use (Redline’s Sidewinder) is really superior for 1/3rd of ttug price according to my criteria: easy to use alone, 30 seconds is all it takes to give explanations for some non-familiar user, could be transported in aircraft if needed, faster: attaching and detaching from aircraft is much easier than with the tug (pressing on the tail to decrease front gear weight was necessary to load a DA-62 on the tug, not an easy task while holding the remote to have the tug backtrack at the same time).

I don’t have the need to be at the wing/tail to check clearance while manoeuvring the plane, nor very long distances to go (max 50m), so I believe the main tug benefits were not useful to me. I could also buy a very nice RC car with the money saved :)

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