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US TC holders are required to support a type for 15 years?

The best thing the Porsche aero engine achieved was to create a long body Mooney variant to balance its excessive weight. Planes aren’t cars, and neither are their engines.

Porsche abandoned the engine because nobody bought it, making some snarky comment in doing so along the lines of “maybe aircraft engines are just industrial engines after all”… In that they were correct, aircraft engines are constant speed lightweight industrial engines, not car engines, and they had not improved on what was otherwise available.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 22 Nov 12:35

I understood it had more to do with bad timing in that it started production in 1985 and then towards the end of the 80"s there was a big downturn in demand for aircraft piston engines.
I flew the Robin DR400 RP 180 Remo once and found it a nice quiet and much smoother engine than the Regent and with a bit more power to it as it was rated at 212hp. Sadly it was a bit too expensive for the club.


So, to conclude, the 15 years looks like complete BS.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Nope, the article mentioned US requirements concerning maintenance and providing spare parts. Don’t know if it’s an FAA thing or just general legislation.

Berlin, Germany

So, to conclude, the 15 years looks like complete BS.


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