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Fuel or oil additives to "clean out" the engine

I hope some of you might know the names of these products in German.

I have been told that to free up a stuck oil ring (Due to PbBr or lead Bromide) I should try a concoction of Varsol also known as mineral spirits, MEK and Xylene.

The MEK Piloten service has. They cant get the Xylene also called Xylol in German and the Mineral Spirits which does not seem to have a German equivalent name.

Can anyone help out with this problem? Whats it called and where to get it?

Thanks in Advance.


The German word for Mineral Spirits (= varsol) is “Waschbenzin” or “Testbenzin”. That your maintenance shop surely has.

Xylene is “Xylol” in German and a common solvent. You can buy it in a pharmacy I guess or online.

MEK is called “Butanon” or “Methylethylenketon” in German. Not sure whether you can buy it, it’s rather toxic.

Whatever you order, make sure it cannot be used to produce Crystal Meth, otherwise the authorities will be all over you

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MEK is great stuff. Put your finger into it and it comes out white

It’s great for removing serial number labels.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks Achim I will relay that info to Jan at Piloten Services. You really should apply to be their consultant.

Classic paint stripper, or today gasket remover, can help with carbon deposits on pistons and combustion chambers. It is not a matter of degreasing but softening the carbon and I doubt degreaser will help. Brake fluid sometimes may help as well. Just let things soak for a few hours. Degreaser is very volatile so other stuff may be better. Vic

Rather than putting things in the engine that should not be there I would start with running the aircraft for a few hours at 75% power using the maximum approved RPM setting.

After that some of the car industry carbon removers like Red-X are said to free stuck rings.

MEK is called “Butanon” or “Methylethylenketon” in German. Not sure whether you can buy it, it’s rather toxic.

MEK is an approved flavoring additive for food! (CAS number 78-93-3 ) You probably can get it from the grocery store across the street

EDDS - Stuttgart

A&C and Vic its not carbon but rather Lead Bromide. Thats from the guys who developed Camguard. Ive tried high power 80% power and various RPMs for a few hours flight. The oil ring is not broken due to Oil filter exam and Oil analysis. However I am using a lot of oil. After this flush if successful should leave me worry free for 600 to 1000 more hours.
If it doesnt work the cylinder will have to be pulled and the ring taken care off.


Charlie two ten flyer – I don’t think you can rule out a broken ring since I would not expect bits to break off and polute the filter nor change the analysis significantly, and when it does, it’ll be too late …

Do the rinse, it can’t hurt, but if your oil consumption doesn’t go back to normal real fast, I’d be pulling the jug.


If it were just “lead bromide” (which I think would actually turn into lead oxide under these conditions), then none of these organic solvents would dissolve it. However, it’s probably cemented by some tarry stuff, which these solvents would indeed help loosen. The lead component is merely making it harder.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic
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