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How can you tell a GNS430 from a GNS430W (no database loaded)

The next plane I will fly is an Archer III with dual GNS430s.

My question is : how can I know if they are 430s or 430Ws ? There are no IFR databases loaded.
Probably noone in the club has the answer

Is is visible in a particular menu ? or physical change on the front panel ?


LFOU, France

I found a clue in the manuals.

Only W units show 3D DIFF NAV on the GPS page when they receive SBAS satellites

In Setup 2 page, SBAS selection allows to switch ON/OFF the SBAS.

Hope it helps someone

LFOU, France

You can’t see it on the face plate.

When you power up, it will show.

Also, after that, in the AUX menu group, there should be an item called SBAS SELECTION.

Obviously, all this does not guarantee the installation is approved for RNP, etc.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Thank you.
I get the crown for the silliest thread ever

LFOU, France

Well no you don’t, it’s a very important piece of knowledge. Especially if looking to buy an aircraft with a 430 in it.
Bosco has beat me to it, and of course is correct.

United Kingdom

It should also read on the data plate/sticker on the unit, if it is pulled out and you can’t power it up.

ESSZ, Sweden

As opposed to the opening screen given by Boscomantico, a GNS 430 without WAAS has this old more pictorial opening screen

Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium

@Niner_Mike our 430 is non-waas and it has Boscomantico’s screen (except the W).

If you have 2 side-by-side, the W unit usually has a much brighter screen.

ESMK, Sweden
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