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Aircraft parts sourcing - PA46 landing gear actuator (aircraft breaker?)

I need a new actuator for one of my main landing gears on my PA46 Malibu Mirage. This is the hydraulic cylinder that raises the gear and keeps it up in flight.

I was quoted a price of £8,000 for a reconditioned unit today which is totally beyond the pale.

I was once told there is a guy in France who has one or more PA46’s that he got in scrap condition after accidents, including the PA46 that ran off the end of the runway at Courchevel. I understand he sells parts from these aircraft.

Does anyone know this person or be able to put me in touch please.

Upper Harford private strip UK, near EGBJ, United Kingdom

He’s on MMOPA. I’ll PM you his details


I know who you mean. Let me know if you need the details.

Maybe buy a fixed gear Cirrus next time 😉


Thanks very much Denopa. I have emailed Michael.

MMGreve, is Michael Chartier the guy you were thinking of?

Upper Harford private strip UK, near EGBJ, United Kingdom
What is wrong with that actuator ?? Provided the hard chrome piston rod is allright and no big corrosion inside you could do the overhaul – in doubt with a little help from a hydraulics company which can tell if the actuator is suitable for overhaul. Pictures of components ?? Vic
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