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Stormscope WX-10 antenna substitute

Hi! I’m trying to resurrect an old Stormscope WX-10A unit – so far I’ve managed to fix some power issues and coax the CRT unit back to life, and have been rewarded with a pleasing ‘ANTENNA FAILURE’ message on the screen. Is there anything I can connect up in lieu of the actual antenna (which I don’t have in my workshop) to fool it into thinking it has a working antenna – It doesn’t have to actually be capable of detecting anything, I’d just like to be able to progress to try the test button to see if it generates the appropriate dots on the screen.

The original antenna has two loops (horizontal and vertical) which take up six of the eight pins (H+, H-, shield, V+, V-, shield), and also a sense antenna (sense and shield pins). Radio isn’t really my thing, so any help very much appreciated.

EGBT Turweston, United Kingdom

I have removed a WX1000+ from my Bonanza and it is for sale as a complete system for $1000 US plus shipping. It was working when I had it removed this month.

KUZA, United States

AFAIK, a stormscope antenna is a box with a lot of stuff in it, to resolve the direction.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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