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Nose gear actuator TB20 1985

Unfortunately, a small red spot on the ground under the nose gear actuator. It’s very little, but disturbing nevertheless.
The piston rod seal seems to be leaking.
My question does anyone have experience, what is the best way?
A new actuator or is there something that can be done.

Berlin, Germany

Hi Thomas,

There is a CMM (TB 47007) available in the technical documentation at Daher.
So theoretically you can repair / reseal it by your own if you have the suitable skills and tools and spares and „legal competence“.

Alternatively it is possible to have a new one, a standard exchange with core return or a repair of your leaking one from Daher.
They also offer a „test“. Unfortunately according to the online price list they don’t have stock at the moment….


EDTG, Germany

Not a big problem for a well tooled workshop to change the seals. However the bottleneck was in the last year to get the seals kit.

TB20 Airman
Borkenberge EDLB, Germany

The best way to make all the TB seals (especially the main gear ones) last a long time is by wiping dust and dirt off them, preflight. Mine are still ok after 20 years.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Unfortunately my TB 20 is grounded because of a simple seal. Where can I get the seals for the nose gear actuator?
A used one would also be helpful.

Berlin, Germany
As the aircraft is grounded anyway, disassemble the actuator for sizes and photos of seals. My guess, you can find hydraulic seals at many places like here :
Ebay may be helpful too once you got an idea about what you want.

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