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Where to look for used MT Propeller

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Hello. I’m looking to buy usable,used MTV-6-C/165-09 optionally MTV-12-C/170-57…
Overhaul company discarded my MTV-6 due to “hub out of limits” and MT want 32 weeks to deliver new mtv-12….

Any suggestions of places where I can look?

Last Edited by Przemek at 13 Jan 15:09
EDLB, Germany

Where was the overhaul done? I’m pondering on our MT prop as well.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

Przemek wrote:

MT want 32 weeks to deliver new mtv-12

Holy whatever… got a MTV-12-B on my ship, hope nothing’s bad gonna happen.
As to find a 2nd hand prop, guess there is nothing else to do but place ads on all selling platforms such as, to name but a few: PlaneCheck, AirShampoo, AirplaneMart, AvBuyer, aerokurier online, AirCraft24, French RSA, Swiss EAS, eBay, Airplane-Market, Barnstormers, WingSwap, Flugzeug24, AeroSearcher, Trade-a-Plane, and many more.
Most of those use a free ad system, which may also be used for parts.
Chances are very slim though, wishing you good luck on your quest.

32 weeks? 😳

Life's short... enjoy!
LSZF, Switzerland

OH was intended to be done at Aerohelice Lda., Portugal as they offered lowest oh time (4 weeks). However they discarder prop due to “out o limit corrosion inside of hub”.
Whatever, as always everyone try to sell new piece… but the hell they can’t deliver new one within next 9 months.

EDLB, Germany

I would take the opportunity to change to a more durable prop – maybe even a proper carbon fibre composite prop, instead of wood with non-structural fibreglass skin.

My MTV performed OK but the skin de-laminated from the wood core within a few hundred hours. The factory said to just stick it back together with epoxy glue…

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

Yea but its also not so easy with national regulations… To make some fancy changes on prop will be hard to get accepted…

EDLB, Germany

I can help you with this, I can offer you one slightly used MT prop.

Nice crash. Be experience of my customers I know that they will discard hub automaticly. I tried to overhaul before slightly damaged propellers and they don’t event want to look for it. Its politic to sell new propellers…
However now they are not able to produce/deliver them. For a moment I did some pressing to go back to subject and repair my old propeller incl. new hub…
We will see how it will end. Looks that getting new propeller this year is not possible…

EDLB, Germany
I don´t know if it helps, but you may contact Hoffmann Propellers in Rosenheim. They produce props since 1955 and are well respected. Maybe they can do an easy special for you when you provide them all details about your engine and all. I think MT started out of this company and separated for a new company in Straubing. Vic

Hoffmann Propeller

Last Edited by vic at 17 Jan 22:28

I understand that Gerd Muehlbauer, the founder of MT propeller, used to work for Hoffmann propeller. He and the team at MT have some really innovative designs. I think that MT has trouble keeping up with their own success sometimes, and delays result. Its unfortunate that there are very long timelines on good products. The blades can be repaired at authorized repair facilities (unlike metal prop blades), but a hub problem probably offers less opportunity for repair.

Check the airplane TCDS, and see what other propellers might be listed for the type.

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada
10 Posts
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