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Interior Refurb Shop in the UK/EU for a King Air 90?

Morning all,

Can any of you recommend a good and reasonably-priced interior shop that can do a refurbishment on a King Air 90 and which is ideally based in the UK or near Europe?

Many thanks,


MCA Aviation do this sort of work all the time. I hang out pretty near there.

Not having a KA or a TBM, I can't speak from experience however.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Air-Interiors based at Elstree. They do jets, kingairs and light aircraft. They did my little Comanche some years ago for a very reasonable price and on time. More than 2 years later one of the stitchs got open not due to their fault, I asked for it to be repaired, when it was done they refused any payment and said that it was done under warranty.

Their website is:


As Ben says Air-interiors are good they did my aeroplane. I would use Farnborough aircraft Interiors i would say they are better suited for this kind of work. One thing i would say is don't skimp and go for the cheapest deal as cheap interior will not look very nice in a King AIr.

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