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Bluemax - a solution to extracting data from your avionics?

When I installed my EDM I remember setting the K factor and Baud rate etc – I am glad you mentioned about continuous data output, I just assumed it would work. I’ll check tomorrow

P.S. Re another thread on LED lights, I installed it with my maintenance organisation at an Annual they checked my work – and I checked theirs

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What is Smartlink?

LOXX, Austria

Mike Busch had hinted that someone was coming up with a box that plugs into some engine monitors and does an automated upload to

I think it’d be great – today I keep a USB key in my GRT Sport EX EFIS which I remove after each flight, plug into my laptop, and then upload to savvy. It takes about 30 seconds, but it would be cool if it was automatic.

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LSGY, Switzerland

Smartlink is below

I still can’t make up my mind which way to go! The Bluemax is smaller though

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It would need to contain a contract SIM card. One can get these down to about 3 quid a month but it would be quite a job for Savvy to manage this on a worldwide basis. They could do it as a part of their (not exactly cheap) analysis service…

OTOH I would not want a GSM/3G/4G radio running uncontrolled in the aircraft, in case of interference. It would have to be wired so it can be active only when the engine is not running, or when airspeed=0, etc.

It could also be set up to work automatically via your phone, but it will periodically break when the new version of the OS tightens up its permissions

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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