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Lycoming vs Continental Product Support

Not sure what other people’s take on this is, or if your experiences mirror mine. I needed to do an identical task on two different aeroplanes. Get copy documents for a factory overhauled engine.

Lycoming Sure we keep copy documents for every engine that left our door. Give us a few days and we will be back to you. Sure enough and at no cost I got a copy of the shipping date, the form 8130-3, serial number data for all components, and the AD listing for the engine. The fee was “no fee”. This was for an engine shipped 22 years ago.

Continental That sure is a long time ago Sir… I pointed out it was only ten years since the engine was shipped and had been back to them once in the meantime. No sir, our policy is to only supply copy documents to the original purchaser within 12 months of the shipping date. I pointed out that the other major engine manufacturer has records for every engine on microfiche, and Cessna has records for every aeroplane that left the door. They finally conceded that they do have a records department, but they are not accessible by phone or by email. The only hope I have is to resubmit the request again and hope a different person picks it up.

One engine may be smoother than the other, but when you want something from them … well… it’s a one-horse race.

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I was surprised to find that Lycoming were able to tell me the date on which they shipped an IO540 engine to Socata, many years previously.

It was quite amusing to compare that date with the engine installation date recorded in the original Socata factory logbooks, and relate it to the Lyco requirements for an overhaul (due to corrosion) if a certain period was exceeded

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