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Socata parts - where to buy??

I would like to get some new parts for my Ralley Club and was surprised to find out that google can not suggest any address where to ask for them.
Right now it is only gas hoses for Club but some day could be something else and for some other plane… so where do you get your parts from?


I get my TB-10 parts from APS Aviation in Germany.

EHRD, Netherlands

When I owned TB20 I used to order parts from Troyes Aviation in France

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I use Troyes too.

Remember that only TB airframe parts need to come from Socata. The engine is American, so you don’t buy the air filter from Socata, for example. Same for avionics and most electrical parts. Engine hoses is another long story where much cheaper options are available. See others threads e.g. “Threads possibly related to this one” below.

More info here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

For Rallye Parts specifically it’s worth posting on Facebook:

and on the mailing list

I have 3 Rallye’s parted out so might be able to help also. The issue with them is the same parts go on all Rallyes, like canopy rails/swivel bodies on NLG/rudders etc etc

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EIBR, Ireland
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