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Better display & storage for a JPI EDM700? (Guardian / Bluemax)

staski wrote:

Not exactly a solution to the problem but maybe it helps:

With the latest version of the BlueEDM app, you can

Import jpi files from elsewhere using e.g AirDrop or by receiving as mail attachment
export those files as JSON data to wherever you need it
In combination with one of the conversion tools around (e.g. that may do the trick. Depending on the particular tool, you may have to strip the non-flight related header data from the JSON output.

Disclaimer: BlueEDM was written for „home-use“ in the first place. It has been tested with exactly two different EDM 700 devices in two different planes on an iPhone 12 mini. No guarantee that it will work with any other configuration. Also, it’s iOS-only, no Android version available.


always learning
LO__, Austria

I ended up sending my BlueMax back to the US as after lots of testing they confirmed that it did not work with the EDM700 (only later versions of EDM)

I was offered a refund by a cheque in USD which was ridiculous. They told me they could not refund the money as it was more than ?? months since they took the money from my Visa Card – so by not returning straight away I was disadvantaged – how much would have a US cheque costs to bank in a sterling bank account?

I suggested a refund by PayPal but they did not have a “Company” PayPal account – the owner of course could have used his personal PayPal account

In the end I had to raise a Credit Card Dispute with my Bank which took me 20 emails and 10 hours of my time to get the money back. So I lost return FedEx and a load of my time as they had not tested it with an EDM700

United Kingdom

That’s terrible.

Is there some criterion one can check on the EDM700? It could be the constant data output (whether present or not) or it could be something in the data.

I could have checked mine at the Annual in December but forgot. I have a hangar only once a year… rest of the time it is outdoors.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

It could be the constant data outpu

The EDM700 provides a constant data stream irrespective of any connected device. At least mine does. My brother found out by just listening to the output port. It’s plain ascii. You just have to guess the baud rate. He wrote some tool that converts the data snake into a table of understandable format. Every now and then a header is output where the columns are labeled.


From the JPI FAQ (

• Download in ‘real time’.
For the EDM-700/800 only: (Not able to do with 760 – no RECRD feature. )

1) TURN ‘RECRD’ TO ‘N’ (For NO.) * [see FAC LIM settings in Pilot’s Guide.]



For me this isn’t really useful. Reading the EDM display in flight works well. And for post flight analysis I download via Bluetooth and the BlueEDM app.


Is the above true for all EDM700/800 versions, all the way to day 1?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I can’t tell and wouldn’t trust on that. OTOH why wouldn’t they tell, if it were true only for newer devices. Some other information (bitrate of the serial interface), they remark the difference between older and newer devices.


Hence I wonder why Archer-181 could not get it to work.

As to why not tell, these are 1980s avionics (along Shadin fuel totalisers) whose designer is long gone and probably dead. You can see the internals in the Avionics Internals thread – lots of good old late-1970s stuff

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

that’s true, and so is their documentation. From

. EDM’s less than four years old are already set for 19,200. But if your EDM is around 4+ years old, be sure to change the baud rate on the EDM to 19,200.

would be good to known when that was written

The advantage being, they will never change their formats and “specs”, so people like me can rely on them.


I am fairly sure I had configured the EDM700 to spit out continuous data. I tried all of the Baud rates & messed around for hours

Gavin (the owner) at BlueMax then told me they had also tried on an EDM 700 but could not get it to work. That’s when I finally gave up. If the manufacturer of the device can’t get it to work it’s not worth wasting any more time!

United Kingdom
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