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CEIS Fuel Senders - Anyone installed them here?

Just wondering if anyone here has upgraded their OEM fuel senders to these?

We are going to install a set in our 206G project. I am a big believer that having accurate fuel level information is a STOL improvement and offers a cost-saving by not unnecessarily refueling at expensive fuel locations. Should be an easier job with the wings off.

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A search on CIES digs up a few threads.

They are reportedly very good but reportedly can be a bastard to install, with various gotchas which people find out for themselves, email me about, but rarely post about on a forum It’s a bit like the CAV TKS installation; not many detailed accounts online because if you follow the 1982 STC exactly you get a load of holes in the wrong places.

Personally I would not fly any plane “seriously” without a fuel totaliser – regardless of what fuel gauges I have – but that’s a different topic.

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I did on a C182T and will try to report as soon as I can
IMHO, excellent piece of equipment

Installation was rather easy: form factor was identical, so no difficulty to place them in the tanks.
Then, you have to provide DC to power them, so we installed a dedicated breaker (1A) to power both.
As for connecting cables, better choose water resistant connectors instead of soldering (you can buy from them or find by yourself).

Then you have to calibrate, and for me it has been the tricky part (read, done twice).
For restart 182, the trap is that you must set the aircraft, wing leveled, and attitude 2 degrees nose up. (we did level flight the first time).
In my case (g1000), the calibration is done with one point only (empty level which means after adding unusable fuel).

- information is rock steady (no red cross)
- i have no false indication (you sometime had to determine with old ones when they would show aberrant)
- you are confident on the ground when you read what you have in the tanks

I share your point with “STOL improvement” and economy because you can explore the whole range. I certainly feel better with lower fuel level as I know what I have.

My only drawback is that I feel, when the tanks are 50% full or more, they slightly under read fuel level. Below, it seems to be very close to reality (I would say under 1USG precision per tank). I need more flying to confirm or not this feeling.

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