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Aircraft washing service to recommend ?

While I do clean my a/c regularly after every flight, I was thinking, after few years, of a deeper cleaning. Can anybody recommend a shop doing a/c washing that particularly met your expectations ? Let’s post here the location, the contact and your experience. Thanks!

LSZE, LSZR, LSZH, Switzerland

This thread might be of interest.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I used to follow a UK company on Facebook that specializes on aircraft detailing. Their work looked good and they seemed like a friendly, down to earth company. Search fb – you will find them!

always learning
LO__, Austria

If you want to go to the UK Propwash are excellent and well worth the £600 I paid the last time I used them. We have used Aeroshine also and Mark is more budget friendly.

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EISG, Ireland

Yep, Propwash are great and operate from midlands down to London area in UK.

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EGTK Oxford

Thanks all for the suggestions/thread! Teo

LSZE, LSZR, LSZH, Switzerland
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