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Sandel SN3308 software upgrade needed

I am trying to upgrade my old Sandel SN3308 EHSI from firmware version 2.11 to 2.30, în order to support the new WAAS functions of the Avidyne IFD540.

Despite several messages sent to the producer, both through their website’s customer support form and direct emails, nobody bothered to answer.

Their international dealers page doesn’t seem to be updated. Most probably they don’t care about their SN series customers anymore…

I wonder if would it be possible to perform the update myself (if I can find the firmware file somewhere online) or maybe one of their dealers still have it saved on an old hard drive.

If you have any idea or suggestion on how can I do it, please let me know.

LRIA, Romania

Version 2.30 is a paid update:
‘Software version 2.30 for the SN3308 must be purchased from Sandel.’

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Yes, but they don’t respond, to give me a price or availability.

The supposed price ($1,500 repair flat fee plus $1,700 for the software) that I found on an old forum seems unbelievable.

At this price I can buy an used one from Ebay and the latest Gopro camera…

Or maybe @Peter can give me one of his SN3500s, as he already has a spare one on the right hand side of his TB20 :)

LRIA, Romania

Yes, it is expensive. The introduction price was $1,250, sole update, but after they found out most of the units need repair on update they later came up with the $3,200 package. Reseller like Bennett Avionics will sell the update for $2,495 uplift on one of their units, so you may ask them for a trade-in exchange price?

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This is strange because the SN3500 can be updated over USB and I have done it myself. It is free.

Check your PM Alex for the email address of the Sandel guy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

chflyer wrote:

There has been no product development under the Sandel name for over 5 years now. I wonder what the new owner has in mind, or how long support for the Sandel line will continue.

They produced an ADS-B IN traffic software for the SN4500 and then later expect to do the same for the SN3500.

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I believe I can help with a cost-effective software upgrade to version 2.30. I will take your version 2.11 SN3308 in on an exchange.

Depending on the condition of your EHSI, the net cost to you would be far less than what Sandel Avionics wants to charge for its upgrade.

Don Shade
Allegory, Inc.

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Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

wigglyamp wrote:

then later expect to do the same for the SN3500.

Yep, I was contact with tech support recently for the SN3500 latest models on ADS and FIS-B :
The SN3500A/4500A units have been released with TIS-B Traffic we are going to make a similar upgrade to those devices to include FIS-B Wx.
I don’t expect that we will begin the same port from the Mod-A 3500/4500 units to the Non-Mod-A 3500/4500 for those two product features until next year.
We’re working on this for the new revenue units first, but we have by no means forgotten about our longer term supporters.
4.06 is the planned Rev to include at least ADS-B IN Traffic (and hopefully Wx since we will have that available from the SN3500A S/W rev

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