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KR2 World Tour

Maybe some are aware of Colin Hales, who flies his little wooden KR2 Homebuilt all over the world… I ran into him today by chance, a friend of his was looking for a friend of mine. I recognized him and introduced myself. He showed me the plane, and I enjoyed a short but very interesting talk. Colin flies a long leg, stores the plane for a while while he flies home commercial to work for a while, then returns to continue later on.

KR2 World Tour Link

I’d say his level of risk aversion is likely different than mine, but really there is nothing more interesting than meeting somebody who decides they’re going to do something very challenging, figures out how it can be done, and gets it done.

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Forever learning

“Like” a lot.

I know him because he’s the local inspector helping me to get my Turbulent back together. I’ve seen the sister-KR2 at its home base (he has 2) and from the brief look around it’s very nicely turned out. He’s already flown it to Australia and shipped it back.

Good chap. Pleased and amused to hear that you’ve met him.

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That’s great Colin seems like he’d be a very good guy to help with the Turbulent. Please tell him the guy in the US with a curiosity about his long cowling says hello. If that doesn’t work ask him about the hangar with the old Bugatti cars. He’ll remember

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