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KAP150 yaw damper

DA42 with GFC700 may have yaw damper

Yes, I have flown a DA42 with GFC700 which had a yaw damper.

never saw a DA40 G1000 with a KAP150

neither did I, I think it is a KAP140. I used to fly a DA40 ten years ago with this AP, but it had no yaw damper.

FWIW we have a KFC150 in our Mooney with a yaw damper but it’s an Stec. It’s a completely independent unit.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

it may be that the plane is out of trim in the yaw axis. There is a little trim tab attached to the rudder. If you have to input right rudder to center the ball, you need to bend the tab to the left. This causes a deflection of the rudder to the right, which is what you need.

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Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany

I have the KAP150 on the Mooney with yaw damper, I have two modes on the yaw damper ‘ON’ or ‘AUTO’ (and OFF…). I usualy select ‘ON’ and then add some rudder input throught the yaw damper with a knob when/if required, but I never used any other system.

EHTE, Netherlands

Peter wrote:

I would be amazed to see a light GA type with a yaw damper

A Robin R3000, which I looked at in 2016 in UK, did have a yaw damper.
Separate switch and worked fine ;-)


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EDM_, Germany

That one has a “Century IIB autopilot turn and bank” which is interesting in being a rather basic AP but with a yaw damper!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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