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Israel and Jordan

Any tips regarding flying to Israel and Jordan VFR in a C172?


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Sabaudia airstrip LISB, Italy

Officially, you are not all allowed to fly VFR in Israel if you don't have an Israeli license (or a validation that requires an exam in air law, which is only available in Hebrew). Nevertheless, some people do get away with it. The entire Israeli airspace is controlled. The only airway in the lower airspace from Israel towards the east and south is the one to Jordan via SALAM, 31°56' N 35°31' E, FL 70 or above.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

I know of several people that flew to Israel VFR, it happens all the time. Entry is via Cyprus where you have to meet with Israeli officials. From what I was told you have to agree on three questions like "what is your favorite meal?" and "what is your favorite color?" which you have to correctly answer before entering Israeli airspace if. My hangar neighbor did this trip in 2012 and I remember the used a local dish (for what's next: Linsen mit Spätzle) as his code word

Achim, that's true, VFR is actually more or less OK if you fly between major airports (LLBG, LLSD, LLHA, LLET, maybe LLBS and LLHZ), it's the small strips around the country where the authorities may start to get suspicious. The best airport of entry for VFR is LLHA Haifa, while the biggest GA hub is LLHZ. You don't necessarily meet these officials face to face in Cyprus. The airspace entry procedure is described in sufficient detail in the Israeli international AIP. The domestic AIP is in Hebrew only.

Apparently, Jordan is less restrictive. I spend most winters in Eilat, and see a lot more GA aircraft come to OJAQ (right across the border) than to LLET.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

In Israel it is 'controlled VFR', unless you have israeli licence you can not fly VFR, the way around it is to have an Israeli pilot with you (I am Israeli and could not fly there), if you need one feel free to contact me. The airports of entry are Haifa (LLHA), Ben Gurion ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) and Eilat. Sde Dov (LLSD) is the best you can have but as far as I know it is for internal flights only. I don't know about direct flights to Jordan but can find out for you.


Just noticed that it is you Mr. Riccardo. Will be in Italy in a month's time.


Thanks all for the feedback. I would like to go this summer but now LadyEagle is having second thoughts due to the occasional rocket exchanges in the area.

Ben, email me when and where you will be in Italy. :-)

Happy only when flying
Sabaudia airstrip LISB, Italy

Wilco. Tell LadyEagle that it is more dangerous to cross the street in Rome than to be in Israel, all part of the fun. (;-))


As other people here said before, it is not possible to fly VFR (CVFR – Controlled VFR) in Israel without a validation from Israel
or anoher Israeli pilot, and the validation is not easy at all.

I did fly with some pilots from Europe and america before in Israel CVFR.

Also we had a group of pilots and airplanes from Europe that flew CVFR in Israel and also from Israel to Jordan.

IAOPA (Israel AOPA) can Help, and I am a member of IAOPA.

I am also an instructor in America and Israel.

If you need more info, please contact me or IAOPA.

In the IAOPA English page there is more info and stories of pilots visiting Israel.

Shalom and Welcome,

Shlomo Zelkine

[email protected]

Ben Gurion ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

Do you have more information? I had a quick look at it a year ago and thought it was quite reasonable. Did I miss something?

LSZK, Switzerland
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