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How do you instruct and examine when new avionics obscure "raw data" indicators

I have recently been IR instructing on an aircraft with an Avidyne 440, 2 Gi275 and a Garmin autopilot. That’s two large manuals, and 3 FM supplements to partially understand three sets of gear that interact in complex ways. Needle tracking is still required for an IR test. I think this is impossible on this apparently legal avionics set up. You can enter DCT X and the Deviation Bar and the needle both slew so the DB, with priority by design obscures the needle. If you select OBS you can turn the DB out of the way but there is also a large heading box on the GI275. This appear to be fixed and again the needle effectively disappears behind it. Garmin knew this as the arrowhead of the needle, which is normally near the heading scale disappears and is placed nearer the mid point of the needle. I appreciate the constraints of the UK skill test are behind the times but can anyone very familiar with the Gi275 suggest a solution.

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I’m not with the aircraft at the moment, but we have a similar setup. I’m thinking the answer might be something along the lines of:

Route in the GPS, insert the inevitable NDB IAF as an additional waypoint before the destination airfield.
Switch the MFD to have the CDI set to green needles so that the course can be set to something different to where the single needle will be pointing.
Set the bearing 1 pointer to point at the GPS which is waypoint of the NDB IAF.

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