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How to become an instructor for training instructors

Hello together

Can someone report from experience how the way is to the “FI-FI”?
I have found nothing in the FCL, as well as no offers from ATO’s on this subject.



FCL.905.FI FI – Privileges and conditions
Regulation (EU) 2020/359

The privileges of FIs are to conduct flight instruction for the issue, revalidation or renewal of:

(j) an FI, an IRI, a CRI, an STI or an MI certificate provided that they meet all of the following conditions:
(1) they have completed at least 500 hours of flight instruction in the appropriate aircraft category;
(2) they have passed an assessment of competence in accordance with point FCL.935 in the appropriate aircraft category to demonstrate to a flight instructor examiner (FIE) the ability to instruct for the relevant certificate;

always learning
LO__, Austria

Thank you, I was studying FCL in IMC 😅

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