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Can an instructor be FORCED to sign the PPL SEP class rating revalidation

johnh wrote:

Surely this would include the IR proficiency check: “skill test or assessment of competence in any other class or type of aeroplane”

I don’t think so. A proficiency check is neither an assessment of competence nor a skill test. Whether an IR initial skill test taken on a different type or class would automatically revalidate SEP is an open question (depending on how you parse the sentence), but most likely that was not intended by whoever wrote this paragraph.

EGKR, United Kingdom

I think you have understood it correctly. In France when you do an annual proficiency check for revalidation or skills test for IR or MEPIR or MEP it is done by an examiner, tje examiner decides what is necessary. Eg IR needs both precision and non precision approaches. MEP needs at least one hour and must include assymetric flight. If you have completed 10 legs during the year MEP can be less than an hour. The examiner then fills the details on SIGIBEL. When you come to the 2 yearly SEP revalidation, providing you have the 12 hours in the last 12months plus twelve take off and landings you go onto your account with SIGBEL and fill out the details referring to you IR MEP or MEIR flight with examiner.
You will ,however, need to get an instructor to physically sign your licence. So you.print off the resume from SIGIBEL and show them that as proof. Some instructors will refuse because they didn’t do the revalidation. In which case get the examiner to sign it. This would only be necessary if your SEP and your IR have different dates (more than 3 months apart) otherwise remind your examiner when s/he is filling in the details at the end of your flight to sign your SEP along with your IR MEP MEIR PBN revalidations.


@gallois I believe the same applies to the UK CAA, at least that has been my experience over the years

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

Can someone opine what it means to ‘fail BFR’? can CFI revoke flying privileges? can CFI refuse to sign DUAL or BFR?

The flight review in FAA regulations requires an endorsement in the logbook that reads something like this:

I certify that John Smith, private pilot 1234567, has satisfactorily completed a flight review of 61.56a on 5/28,2023

Signed Joe FlightInstuctor, CFI 7654321, expires 8/23

This is an endorsement and not a log book flight entry. If the pilot needed more work before I was willing to provide the endorsement, I would log the flight as dual and sign it as the instructor. This does not happen often where I would not be willing to provide the endorsement and has only happened in a few instances where the pilot was either doing type transition training and was not yet competent or they had not been flying for years and wanted to get back into flying. The dual logbook entry does not indicate any sort of failure of a flight review, it just indicates what training was accomplished. I have not had an issue with a pilot expecting they will get the endorsement and not receiving it, as additional dual was always obvious to both parties.

If the pilot was flying regularly, an hour of dual is usually all that is needed for the flight portion of the review. I have had more instances of not completing an IPC without more training, practice and proficiency before I would endorse the IPC and in a few instances was not able to provide the endorsement. Since this was often in combination with a flight review, I don’t recall a case where I did not provide that endorsement, so the pilot could continue to fly VFR.

KUZA, United States
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