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CRI / IRI in France

Over the time we will spend more and more time in our second home near Quimper at Brittany. Therefore we are looking forward to join the local flying club. And being rated as CRI and IRI, I‘m thinking about to let the club benefit from this qualifications.

Are there any French specific requirements to check out somebody during his two years exercise flights? In Germany I just sign it with my license number and delivery a protocol of the flight to the responsible authorities by postal mail. I have heard in France everything is done online. Is this true? Do I have to register myself somewhere to work as instructor?

Do flying clubs also train for the IR or is this kind of training done only in a flying school preparing students for commercial pilots?

As I‘m not familiar with the system I appreciate any helpful advice, before going to the club and offering something which doesn‘t make sense at all.

EDDS , Germany

@tumbleweed may know more.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I did some instruction in France on DGAC CRI and CAA CRI (before Brexit),

  • In the former, everything is online with SIGIBEL and things are quickly sorted as you can directly sign on licences
  • In the latter, one can still send papers to DGAC or go to nearest bureau de licences to get it done

I don’t know if DGAC authorise EASA FCL945 in that online system?

No idea about IRI work, maybe go to Brest? there is lot of private & commercial IFR flying, the atmosphere is nice and they are very busy with all flying done in English hopefully more of this will improve with BIR intake?

For CRI work, there is lot of it when teaching specialised stuff (e.g. aerobatics, tailwheel…), or some of it in freelance when flying with friends or private owners? or maybe teaching in your own “complex” aircraft?

If you are operating under FFA in Aeroclubs (I highly suggest it giving insurance benefit), they are prescriptive on 1h revalidation for SEP, also lot of aeroclubs require their members to do “annual flight review every year and in-house” (this can be counted as 24months SEP)

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Thank you very much!

EDDS , Germany

I have the experience the other way around, so to speak :-) I mean I have a DGAC PPL and have renewed it several times with a flight with a CRI with Norwegian license. In the end, that should work the same way. The first time I used a given CRI, I had to send a scan of the CRI’s license to the DGAC together with my request for renewing SEP. After that, the said CRI is in the DGAC’s database and they don’t ask anything anymore.
The downside is that you can’t do the renewal using SIGEBEL, it has to be done by sending the scan of all relevant document to the DGAC and then they send new a new PPL by post. Since you will be in France, the local pilots might see that as extra cumbersome since they can use a local instructor with access to SIGEBEL.
Maybe you can contact the DGAC to see if you can get access to SIGEBEL? I have no idea how that works and will probably try to figure out soon since I’m a CRI myself, albeit with DGAC license so for me it should only be a formality.

ENVA, Norway
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