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LAPL-only instructor looking for a job in Europe

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Hi All!

I am currently a LAPL-only and night rating instructor. I choose to do my FI rating without having completed my ATPL exams because I worked in the ops department for a Flight School in Western Europe, and they were looking for more instructors to fly their trial lessons. I know there is little demand for LAPL-only instructors, but this opportunity I had with my then employer would be great for me. However I quit 2 months ago due to several actions by the employer I won’t go into detail about.

I am currently working on getting my ATPL’s done, but until them, I would love to work as a flight instructor, in whatever capacity again, anywhere in Europe.

I own my own aircraft, a Socata TB-9 (comparable to a PA28-160) which could potentially be used on the ATO/DTO. For my previous employer I also made & maintained websites, training material, marketing, design and a whole range of ops tasks. I would be fine with combining them with a FI job. Aviation is my passion, and being a FI was so much more rewarding than I had imagined that I am very flexible with my job description.

I am looking to work anywhere in Europe (or outside of Europe if the school is looking for EASA instructors).
I speak English and Dutch, with a basic understanding of German, Afrikaans, Swedish and Italian.

About 350 flight hours, of which 25 as instructor.

Can anyone point me in a direction?

Kind regards,
Sam Guichelaar

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1 Post
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