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Fresh off the Flight Instructor Course (UK)

@Ibra when I talk about freelance I talk about it exactly as Peter described. I was a freelance ie self employed sole trader for many years in my business.
When I first started flying in France there were many clubs which had salaried flying instructors.
Other clubs had benévol (and Peter I can assure you that most of these just get their expenses paid including their insurance).
The costs of employing people in France as salaried became and is very expensive. They could no longer afford salaried FIs. The extra costs plus other reasons such as some FIs taking advantage of type training and then deciding to leave within a few months or deciding they didn’t want to do lessons in the cold, led many ATOs to decide that they would simply employ FIs who would be paid by the lesson rather than full time employed.
There are still some larger clubs and ATOs with full time salaried FIs but they a dwindling.


You are right everybody is freelance these days, including myself

I think A_A question was on difference between “freelance FI(R)” privileges and “freelance CRI” privileges, which related to supervision by head of training and attachment to training organisation

On costs of employing people, it depends on which environment we are talking about, my gliding club used to cover instructor & tug pilots ratings renewals for active instructors and pilots using “flying credit”, they also paid winch drivers in “winch launches” but again it’s members for members !

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