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FAA instructor for BFR in the UK

Greetings all,

For those in the UK: Does anyone know of an FAA licensed CFI in or around Essex or East Anglia? My bi-annual flight review is due in January. Preferably I am looking for a free-lancer who can travel to my airfield so we can do it in my Archer.

Thanks, -Jason

Great Oakley, U.K. & KTKI, USA

Jason, the timing is unfortunate as I and some other pilots did our FAA BFR’s just a few weeks ago, with one of our old UK instructors, who is also authorised to do FAA BFR’s. He is now back in Oz, where he now lives. He was in Hertfordshire and Essex.

Previously however I have spoken to Tony Gunn at , and he had one of his colleauges, an Iwan Potma, do our BFR’s a few years back. Iwan is a freelance PC-12 pilot, and agreed to meet us at North Weald (not where I am based, but presumably suitable for him). A great chap if you can locate him.

There is a lot of them around. I know one near Brighton, one near Fenland, there is a load in the Cranfield / Wycombe kind of area – the same old names pop up all the time.

Strictly speaking he can’t accept money for flying in UK airspace unless he holds a JAR/EASA CPL, which most of them don’t – but a few do. The legal workarounds are (a) do the flying part outside the UK or (b) not accept money for the flying.

In fact the CPL requirement may have changed since EASA has made it possible to get paid if you have at some past time passed the CPL theory exams – any views on that one? I know some “instructors” (CRI and above) get paid that way.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You might try Eddie Lamb at Stapleford

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

I would endorse Eddie Lamb: 07767 757566.
All in our group using FAA licenses use him.

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

Ok big thanks guys. I’ll try Eddie Lamb first as he is closest to me. -Jason

Great Oakley, U.K. & KTKI, USA

There is also a lady at Elstree.


Galina – if you mean her – is long gone. I googled on her a year or two ago and found her in the USA.

Her husband Tony who worked at Cabair used to do it also, but I assume he is out there with her.

She was great – a really decent operator. I did my FAA CPL with her setup in 2007, and a DPE who came over from Wichita. All that was stopped very shortly afterwards.

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Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

No, not Galina, she is in FL. together with Tony.

The one that I am talking about is Rosanne, a very gentle lady that did not want to join the food war, if you see what I mean. She has just came back from the USA after staying there for few years. I have her mobile if someone needs.


Lewis Kenningtion is based at Breighton and he is dual qualified. He is also more than happy to travel any where if you pay the costs.


He also doesn’t charge sill rates – 30 quid per hour brakes on to brakes off. And if you need to use an aircraft he has access to a Cessna 172 at 130 quid per hour wet and no home landing fees either.

Nice guy.

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