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Hello and help! (PPL or LAPL or UL)

Thanks aart, yep a nubie mistake, should have read EBCI not ECBI!

EBCI Charleroi, Belgium

ECBI = EBCI = Charleroi = RyanAir’s Brussels Airport (located south of Brussels)


First solo yesterday!

Following this original post I started both theory and practical PPL training end of Sept last year and following 23 hours practical training I flew solo for the first time yesterday!

It seems the average time to solo in Belgium (perhaps as a result of the weather and complex airspace) is between 15-30 hours – so right in the middle for me.

Couldn’t have asked for a better day for it – +10km vis, not a cloud in the sky and for those 18 mins in the circuit not a single other aircraft in operation (strange for an international airport also with two schools!)

Also, it was about -3 deg!

EBCI Charleroi, Belgium

Congratulations I still remember the call sign of the C150 I soloed in.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

Congratulations! And a smart decision to do your PPL on a controlled field and in busy airspace. Becoming a good, responsible and confident pilot is so much more important than soloing in as little as possible hours. I made a trip (from Holland) to EBAW on Monday (so one day after your solo) and enjoyed similar whether. What a joy to fly on these freezing sunny days!

EHRD, Netherlands

Indeed and thanks! Had the hairdryer out the day before to get it started!

EBCI Charleroi, Belgium

Congratulations!!! First solo is up there with first kiss and first ….
Well, you get the idea!
Great feeling, isn’t it?

Tököl LHTL
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