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Approach plates that show OCA/OCH - are they safe?

I was asking specifically in relation to the automatic RVR/ DA calculations feature they claim to have successfully trialed in a newsletter from 2018 as above.

Not many people are aware that you could place the Jepp PDFs

But how do you get PDFs (let alone with georef data) from a Jepp application? I know how to get PDFs (I am not going to post it openly, and you can’t get a whole airport from an IOS app) but georef?

What more do you need for light IFR

What is “light IFR”? You are either IFR (with everything that involves) or not

BTW, “liftvectorup” was the old equivalent of today’s chatgpt and was eventually removed

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Marsen wrote:

We have lots of plans for further improvements to our IFR support, such as automatic DH and RVR calculations for most approaches; something we have already successfully trialled. Our ultimate goal is that SkyDemon is the only app and document source you need for light IFR in Europe
Seems like they never got around to this?

I think the feature was aimed at those without a Jepp subscription. Does anyone know if it’s in the works at all?

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