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Which countries allow private strips / operating from your own land, and how hard is it to organise (and airfields for sale)

There is a guy in my village who has just applied for a Certificate of Lawful Use for a helipad which does not yet exist.

This is curious since nearly everybody stays on the 28 day rule and even after the 10 year wait doesn’t apply for the above, because it would draw unwelcome attention.

As expected, the villagers are getting quite upset. He has just spent millions on doing up the big house and the contractors were parking up the main road through the village, making traffic pretty difficult. That alone was guaranteed to p1ss off everybody… in addition to the usual dozens of envy based objections (which are ritually disregarded).

Anyway, I wondered whether the 28 day rule was perhaps not available to him, forcing him to go for this aggressive approach. This is an AONB and sure enough I found this which, while still allowing the 28 day rule, requires that the helipad is not within the curtilage (the garden, basically) and his would be – unless he buys the field next door.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Doesn’t curtilage only apply if it is a listed building? If they are doing a lot of building work then it possibly wouldn’t be.


Not sure Listed is relevant to this, but it might be; Listed is subject to a whole other raft of regs. I doubt it is listed.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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