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How would you define a "GA friendly" airport?

What are your favorite airfields / destinations ?

Also, what are the destinations that are on your TODO list?

Here is my list. Please note that I was a VFR-only pilot until recently. I still need to discover IFR flying in Europe.

Spa EBSP -> In the Belgium Ardennes. Field lies on a hill close to the Formula 1 circuit. Nice approach. Short walk downhill to the city center. Back with the taxi.

Deauville LFRG -> While the field itself is nothing special; It only takes a short taxi ride to Honfleur, and this picturesque town will make your girlfriend happy!

Koblenz ETRK -> Nice GA airfield on a hill in the Mosel valley. Good Greek restaurant on the field.

Ærø EKAE -> Beatiful island in the Danish Baltic sea. Small grass airfield. Free bicycles.

Idar Oberstein EDRG -> Small German grass field. Serve the best BBQ meat which you can order in the air.

On my TODO list are the Channel Islands and a flight to the Alps...

I really liked the East Friesian islands off the north coast of Germany. All were small enough to visit by bike which were available at the airport (or simply small enough to walk in some cases). No real hassle at the airports.

Of course it was beautifully sunny when I visited. Might be a difference story if the weather wasn't so good!

Similarly I love the islands off the west coast of Scotland. Scenery from the air is stunning in that area.

EIWT Weston, Ireland

I really liked the East Friesian islands off the north coast of Germany.

True, they are indeed well worth a visit! For example: Juist EDWJ is a nice island. It has a stone paved runway of 700m. Motorized transport is not allowed. There is a horse driven tram which you can use to get from the airport to the village.

In the UK, Welshpool is one of my favourite because it's in between the Welsh valleys, the scenery en-route is picturesque, its very friendly, there is a nice place to sit outside and see planes taking off and landing, and its very relaxing in amongst all the hills and mountains.

Otherwise I quite like Le Touquet because its a short hop over the channel and you can hire a bike and pop into town for some food. I'd agree Deauville is nice, and I like the flight to Cherbourg. Hopefully I will be able to say La Rochelle is a favourite in the not too distance future.

Lenthamen, they all sound superb.

PLOCKTON near Isle of Skye. 600 mts Tarmac. Nice short walk to harbour village

PERRANPORTH, Cornwall. Right on the cliffs, with stunning approach

WELSHPOOL - As stated above

GLENFORSA - Isle of Mull- 700 mts grass, on perhaps one of the most beautiful and rugged of the Inner Islands

OBAN- Mainland Scotland with Mull off the coast, really beautiful.

ROYAN- South of La Rochelle, great beaches.

There are many, and too many I will never visit. Love to try though...

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

Koblenz is EDRK not ETRK (that would be a military field, if it existed). I am curious to fly there, since it gets universal praise.

Those who find LFAT nice because one can easily get down into town for food might be agreebly surprised with the good cuisine on the field - no need to go downtown to eat well. Same goes for LFAC Calais, these days.

Of course we all have our preferences - mine are for a quiet field with fuel available, Mogas best of all, and a well done lunch ; all of them at reasonable prices. EBTX Verviers scores very well along these lines, but Calais does very well too.

I generally avoid both Dutch airspace and Dutch aerodromes as I find little sympathy for (very) light aviation there - a pity, as it is so near by. EHTX Texel does seem to be the one exception though, have to fly there one day.

But above all I am curious to discover more good aerodromes, especially in central Europe. Czechia/Slovakia/Hungary especially wanted, but the difference in languages keeps me back - a bit.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I am sorry to say that my really favourite airfields are a little further away.

Sitia LGST (Crete) - an awesome place, costs the right size of negligible, super friendly people

Brac LDSB (Croatia) - a lovely island to visit

Sadly I don't get a chance to go there as often as I would like, and Sitia needs 1 fuel stop on the way.

Of the near ones:

Le Touquet is a very pleasant day out, but you need to get there before about 10am to beat the hordes of Brits, especially on a weekend

Cherbourg is very nice too. The nuclear submarine is amazing. But the town is quite a drive from the airport. Otherwise it is a superb no-hassle airport for clearing Schengen, with Customs and avgas.

In the UK, the scenic places I recall were: Welshpool, Perranporth, Caernarvon, Scilly Isles.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Sitia needs 1 fuel stop on the way

It would need six at least for me. Ten would be more comfortable, likely enough. You're on the better side, you really are.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Chambery LFLB in the western part of the Alps, beautifully located.

Cannes Mandelieu LFMD for all the jets and luxury aircraft there and the Mediterranean next to it :)

Vrsar (Croatia) wonderful small strip with nice approach to rwy 01, close to the local town with good hotels.

Kiruna (ESNQ) to be north of the polar circle and the nature that far north

Lubeck (EDHL) for a perfect day trip to a nice small city, cheap landing fee and a short bus ride to the center

YRTI Rottnest Island about 10nm offshore Fremantle, Western Australia! Great beaches, short walk to the pub, no cars allowed...

YPJT, United Arab Emirates
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