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Introductions and occupations?

Hello all,

I thought I would try out a post on here, and by way of introduction invite others to tag on with their own contribution.

I occasionally post on a couple of other forums, but have decided to post on here under my own name. There really isn't much that I say that I am not prepared to say in person anyway, so why not. I do feel that the anonymity of the other forums causes some of the silly postings and witch-hunts that I find tiresome.

What does everyone else think about that?

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

I am very much in favour of real name postings but can understand that for some people it could be necessity to stay anonymous.

I am who I say I am :)

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

I (as admin here) have no view on it either way. Feel free to use a real name or nickname. A first name only is obviously a good compromise.

Peter is my real name, but I choose to not use my surname because it's not an exactly common one and everything one writes ends up on google etc. And I have a business to manage... not an aviation related one but nevertheless I don't want one of my customers to stick my name into google and immediately discover that I have a hobby which he is paying for As it happens, you can do it in under 30 seconds if you know how.

Aviation, being loaded to the brim with "legality", is occassionally a tricky area when it comes to discussing certain things, and not using one's full name can enable one to be more frank.

Today's "youth" will on occassions pay a heavy price for the often astonishing stuff they put on Facebook, when they go looking for jobs. So a little bit of care in this department is probably worth it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Great initiative Peter.

I believe a lot of people are getting fed up with pprune and flyer is mainly focused at the UK GA community and is in my point of view extremely disorganised.

Hopefully we get a lot of good discussions going here.


Hi all,

Agreed this is a great initiative :-) Since recent controversies on PPRune, a lot of the big names seem to have gone elsewhere (understandably), and for first time ever, I dont get excited about the content on there.

I have had a PPL for 7 years, and an IMC for 6 years, and was motivated by the discussion, debate and help I would pick up on the forums. I want to do an IR of some kind once something concrete comes our from EASA and I get the time, and I look to forum to aid that learning and keep me interested in flying. I part own a PiperArcher (you wouldnt guess would you), and while my trips are mostly UK based, I enjoy trying new technology so next time I will write up a report of some kind.

Also looking forward to good discussions here :-)


Yes, agree with the points above. It will be great to build a resource of truly useful information, and (if at all possible) to avoid the petty squabbling which can become a bit tiresome in a few other places.

Looking forward to contributing and learning in equal measures.


I too am who I say I am, having no need to avoid links to work, business or customers – but I understand why some need to be discreet.

As some here already know, I am a glider pilot (and lapsed PPL). I still sometimes fly “power” however – my glider has an electric motor and folding prop., so it can self-sustain for nearly an hour.

Good luck to Peter and David with the site.

Chris N.

Ridgewell, Essex

Electric power is very interesting for sports aviation, and surely will become more popular as battery technology improves. I was once a glider pilot (I had an ASW19 for a short while) and I could well imagine an electric self launcher being the answer to costly aerotows and spicy winch launches.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Nice looking site Peter. I'm quite prepared to use my real name & I too hope to see some real meaningful discussions. Pprune has been a dissapointment recently as many of the knowlegable posters either get banned or leave. I hope it takes off in all respects.

I use a nickname purely because I work for an airline and there are rules about getting permission to publish anything, many know who I am and I have no problem with that, often giving my real name in reply to PMs. If you want to know, then feel free to ask and I will let you know, just not on a public forum!

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