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Can you get busted for this? (two P areas meeting at a point)

P1 and P2 are prohibited areas (or CAS, etc) and you fly along the dashed line, precisely.

The degree of bust is infinitely small, obviously.

If anybody thinks you can get busted for it, can they quote a precedent?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, I am not sure what the point of the question is. It isn’t a question of precedent, just whether the seriousness of the bust makes it worth prosecuting. Probably not. But if one of the areas is the LTMA who knows. Are you asking because someone said something or because yoiu are worried?

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EGTK Oxford

If the line is part of the Airspace (I think so) … probably yes. On the other hand it does seem a bit ridiculous to enforce it

I see nothing wrong in doing this. SSR accuracy is not good enough to justify any sanction in such a situation. As long as I was in contact with them I can’t see a problem.

Last Edited by SteveN at 18 Jan 21:50
Gloucester UK (EGBJ)

Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough.

Except for P1 and P2, everything is Class G.

The dashed line is the aircraft track, which is wholly in Glass G.

The “bust” is just at the point(s) of the two prohibited zones.

Mathematically, it’s obvious that the “bust” is infinitesimally small (if flown accurately). But it isn’t zero, is it? It may be less than the diameter of the electron but it isn’t zero. Especially as one’s wingspan is definitely not zero, so for a TB20 the bust will be 5m.

I ask because it offers a useful route in certain places.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ignoring theory, I wouldn’t do it to save some distance.

EGTK Oxford

Isn’t “How likely am I to get busted for doing this?” A better question…because as you say yourself there is track error and therefore you will bust.

I think therefore the answer is depends where and therefore on local rules/tolerances etc.
EDHS, Germany

I think whoever came up with the airspace in the 1st place should be busted!

Forever learning

They can only bust P1 for the left wing, and P2 for the right wing.

Egnm, United Kingdom

There is a slight similarity between this and the ICAO rule that if you fly along the boundary between two airspaces, the less strict airspace classification applies.

There must also be a similar rule covering an aircraft flying along the border between two countries.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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